Faavnus Art


Hello. My name is Anton Faalk. I graduated from the Institute of Human Philosophy at RGPU (Russian State Pedagogical University) named after A.I. Herzen, I have a master's degree in philosophical anthropology and history of philosophy. My education helps me to have fine sense everything that happens in the World. One of my teachers once said that only mathematicians and philosophers are really capable of abstract thinking. However, I am convinced that art can also help a person answer many "eternal questions." Art is a bridge connecting people to each other. This means the author puts a piece of his subjectivity into such a work. And the viewer, perceiving this part of the author's world, makes it his own. Therefore, I believe that art is one of the languages  by means of which we communicate. 

Unfortunately, I suffer from a mental disorder and epilepsy by organic brain impairment. It is for this reason that my emotional state is very changeable. This, of course, is reflected through my
painting. Each of my paintings is an experience and emotion captured on canvas, which is inherent in one or another of my condition at a particular moment in time.
The choice of topics, colors and plot - all this is dictated not by the mind, but by the worldview itself, which are changeable due to my illness. For that reason, I classify my paintings as outsider art and expressionism.




1. International art exhibition "4 seasons", art gallery ModisArt, Moscow, Russia - 13-29 May 2022

2. "ART is..."маЁвка, Artplay, Moscow, Russia

3. Contemporary art exhibition "LIQUID ARSENAL", art gallery M.A.D.S., Milan, Italy / Fuerteventura, Spain 

4. Exhibition "Oppositions", The Holy Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom

5. VIFAF 2022(v.2), World of Crete, Crete, Greece

6. St. Petersburg Art Week, VIII International Contemporary Art Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia

7. International exhibition of contemporary art "Brain Cake", art gallery M.A.D.S., Barcelona, Spain

8. Contemporary art exhibition "Shouts of art", art gallery Kuvikart, Dortmund, Germany

9. Finalist award in 5th International Juried Art Competition "Color", fine art gallery "Teravarna", Los Angeles, USA